Bike DC Wikia

Welcome to the Bike DC Wikia

An unofficial wiki for the Bike Arlington Forum, this wiki serves to keep information on local trails, slang, jurisdictions, and more in the Washington DC metropolitan area for cyclists primarily but including other trail-users.

You can visit the Bike Arlington Forum here:

Wiki Update

This wiki is currently a work-in-progress. I will continue to add updates on a daily basis.

Additional features and sections will be added to the wiki according to the following schedule:



  • Add infobox to trail pages (complete)
  • Set up categories (complete)


  • Research bike events/rides (complete)
  • Research adding images/videos (complete)


  • Create Bike Events and Rides section (complete)
  • Add images/videos to pages (complete)
  • Create formal menu and layout for main page (complete)
  • Create formal menu and layout for Trail page (complete)
  • Research local bicycle advisory organizations


  • My apologies for the lack of updates. Other things have come up like making videos for Metro SafeTrack, but I hope to continue work on this and launch by end of summer.


  • Create Local Bicycle Advisory Organizations section
  • Add supervisory jurisdictional information to trail pages
  • Add snow removal policy information to trail pages
  • Research local bike teams


  • Create Local Bike Teams section
  • Create Local Bike Shops section

Latest activity

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